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vicki's photo art.jpg
Michael's Vicki painting.jpg

painting by Michael Hudson

vicki's art painting photo.jpg

painting by Vicki L. Hughes

When I'm not designing jewelry I'm usually photographing flowers, landscapes and interesting architectural features.  I enjoy the wonders of nature and creating art from my photographs.  This  inspires me to continue creating jewelry that may compliment a person's lifestyle whether it's contemporary or nostalgic.

side by side we write and create

side by side we laugh and love and caress

side by side we enjoy each other's thoughts

turn towards me

I want to feel you grow

by Vicki L. Hughes

Painting with some one you love keeps the passion alive.

Music heals the soul. Jazz, R&B, classical and a little country are heavy influences in my creative dance of life.  A new jazz website hosted by Michael Hudson:

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