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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in the San Francisco/Bay Area


The love of jewelry and color runs in my blood.  My first pieces of jewelry were gold hoops and a gold bangle that I wore starting at the age of three. I remember wanting to wear my mother's jewelry as I grew up.  As an optometrist, I was exposed to so many different patients and cultures.  As I examined them, I was amazed at the interesting jewelry they wore.  It inspired me to learn to design and make unique  jewelry of my own. I love to travel and shop for different jewelry, beads and items to create one of a kind pieces. It became a form of relaxation, as well as a stress relief to an otherwise routine work day.  My friends,  co-workers and patients got a kick out of my creations.   I would  make my inspired version of their jewelry as well as designers and persons I admired and found interesting.


My initial jewelry designs were creations I hand painted on paper. I sold some in boutiques in Oakland and Paris! Some were worn by musicians like Terri Lynne Carrington, a jazz drummer.  I then learned to bead and took classes from a notable designer, the late Helen Dietz. Her technique was widely renowned by bead jewelers.


I made an opalescence necklace that I wore to Maya Angelou's 80th birthday party  and received compliments on it from Oprah as well as other prominent guests.  I coveted a gold Ilias Lalaounis cross my best friend, Denise had.  I took classes in 3D printing, metal casting and lapidary so I could design  and craft my own versions of jewelry I admired.  It was less expensive than flying to Athens, Greece to purchase one cross and other jewelry I desired.  


I was recently at a jazz concert and my attention to details was drawn to a ring the singer and Grammy winner, Cecile McLorin Salvant was wearing.  I happened to go to a craft shop and figured I would make my own version of the ring she wore.  Once I started working in this lucite medium, I incorporated other materials-gem stones, pearls, shells, leather to compliment my designs to include bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Since recently retiring from optometry after 40 years, I decided to focus on  creating  jewelry designs to share  with others. 

A boyfriend had suggested the name of my company. Since I was an optometrist and liked to make sure my name was spelled correctly, he came up with Vicki with an "eye."​ Thus, Vicki with an Eye was created.

Thanks Michael!

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