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A ribbon in the Sky

As an optometrist my first question to the patients would be, “Can you read the bottom line?” A lot of times they would be frustrated if they could not as no one wants to fail. Just like in life, we all have our own bottom line to read. Things may be blurred, hazy or even missing. Yet we continue to focus on what’s really important to us. Some of us are more organized, more creative, more direct in our approach. Others are procrastinators, more lenient, more forgiving. All these characteristics make us more human and interesting.

So how do we cope when we can’t read our bottom line perfectly? We create our own narrative. Some may meditate, increase the reps on an elliptical, travel the world, paint a canvas, plant a calla lily, create a podcast, knit a scarf, walk in the woods, write in a journal, listen to jazz. Others may kneel and pray, run a marathon, post a selfie, tend to the sick, take a nap, tap dance, recite a poem, breathe deeply, learn to love, or fly a drone. So many ways to unravel the knots in our lives.

Obstacles are part of our traveled roads. We may stumble, we get up. If you’re unable to read the bottom line in your life, read the one you can. Cherish the day. Look up.

Ribbons are in the Sky.

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