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Creating in Chaos

I haven’t been as active in my writing as I’ve been meaning to. When life situations present themselves, sometimes taking a pause is all that’s needed. A detour in creativity is not necessarily a bad thing. I get to channel my energy into other endeavors which lead to ideas to ponder.

For instance, editing other people’s work, lead me to think about my own thought processes. In some instances I’m paying attention to details that I otherwise would overlook. When you see beauty in everyday objects, you want to create that beauty in your own image. For instance, I was getting ready to toss the plastic covering some batteries. I decided to upcycle the plastic and add to some beads and tassels I had handy. The overall project took on a new design. Light, airy and whimsical. Now I look at things to see how they can have new meaning and bring on a smile. So from now on, I’m paying attention to details and using abstract ideas to create concrete magic. It’s a new day, a new and unique thought crossing my mind.

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