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From a Hammer to a Tube of Lipstick

From wielding a hammer to a tube of red lipstick. Creativity expands in different mediums. I’m finally remodeling my 12’ high “crawl space” into my studio/storage/closet. I wanted a different way to cover the insulation so I came up with the idea to wrap it in an aqua-colored visqueen; didn’t want to cover the beams with drywall. It meant getting someone to cut, hang and staple the 20- 15’ long strips using an eight foot ladder. That someone was me! 

A carpenter I knew said he could help after getting his car smogged, passing the dmv, getting his tags and scaffolding from a warehouse storage. He’d be available in a couple weeks. Since I wanted it done sooner, I decided I’d do it myself, which I did. Only hammered one finger in the process. I was so excited how my covid project turned out that I changed out of my dusty work clothes, showered, put on a silk dress, my lucite bangles and fixed my hair. Put my red lipstick on and celebrated with some lasagne a friend dropped by, and my favorite glass of chardonnay. It made me reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to put my vision into action myself. The women in my family are smart, beautiful and capable. My dad would say, use your brain as well as learn to work with your hands. I am happy to say I can do it all, too!💪🏾💄💋

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