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Handy Man, Handy Man, Where Art Thou?

Though it’s the beginning of Autumn, you wouldn’t know it with all the 90-100 degree temperatures here in the Bay Area.

I wrote a to do list. Kept it down to what I actually will do instead of what needs taking care of. A sprinkler head-duct taped, still leaking, pointing in the wrong direction is clearly past it’s time of use. Fortunately, I remembered to take a picture so I’d know what model to replace it with. Also good old how to videos on YouTube were a big help! Had to remember which way to loosen the screw. I did it the first time after finding which junk drawer the wrench was held. What a thrill in the middle of the day to know I fixed something and it works!

A trip to the hardware store turned into a trip to Costco for the items supposedly better priced when bought in bulk. Also helped the Costco sales flyer came in the mail today.

My next project was to put together an eight drawer crafts rolling cart. This was a birthday present I just got around to assembling. Of course I was excited, as that meant more of my jewelry can be organized a little more for showing.

Assisting a friend on his jazz website was another ‘to do‘

that got done today. And it’s only Tuesday!

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