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Wednesday Afternoon of Holy Week

The songs “Lilac” by Tigran Hamasyan followed by Kem’s “Share my Life” are playing on my Sonos speaker system. I am so grateful to be at a peaceful point in my life where I can appreciate the afternoon sun’s dappling rays color the forest of green in my back yard. An arborist was pruning dead branches off an old, large oak tree in the near distant portion of the hill. I’m surrounded by a green blanket of calm. A green maple tree, green lawn, green plants and green tall grasses are surrounding me. Bursts of yellow daisies, Mexican purple sage plants and a fuchsia magnolia tree are scattered in my visual path. There’s a slight breeze and I can see some pollen falling from a tree. A bird is drinking from the fountain and disturbing the calm waters. The sun is warm and browning my face even more.

Now Donny Hathaway is singing, “ A Song for You.” Such a peaceful afternoon. This Wednesday is part of the Easter week. Holy or Spy Wednesday it’s called.

Today reminds me of when I first started gardening. I bought all the books on plants: sustainable gardening, drought resistant, native plants to California. I took a class on how to build a rock wall so that it stood up on its own. Not knowing what to plant, I asked an elderly patient of mine who was an avid gardener, how do I start. She told me to plant whatever I liked. Whatever blossomed and continued to survive would be what I should grow. I took her advice and today my yard is colored with splendid shades of green. I can gaze to the turquoise sky and see how the valley of the shadows of green living plants form a wall of sacred space. This is a day of inspiration and creativity. And so, I will do just that. Paint a picture or design a piece of jewelry art. Maybe I'll start with a shade of green!

Keeping green living alive

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